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"I voted in favour of this report. Digital payments are an area where European consumers and businesses face discrimination based on their country of residence and obstacles that should not exist anymore. Card payment fees vary greatly depending on the financial institution and national laws. Further, cards are not inter-accepted across SEPA. Online transactions face the most discriminatory practices, where especially businesses and residents of Member States who joined in 2004 and 2007 face, in addition to the refusal of their cards, refusal as a shipping destination. This is not only a nightmare for the customers, but seriously also hinders free competition. Non-bureaucratic, transparent, and uniform and customer-friendly payment systems have to be implemented without delay across the SEPA area. It is unrealistic to preach about digital single market and about boosting e-commerce at a time when most users face unfair practices and transactions costs that might even exceed the purchase value. I fully support the rapporteur’s demands on the Commission to take legislative action to ensure fair competition, financial inclusion, and transparency for consumers, payment security and the protection of personal data. Uniform legislation would increase consumer confidence and boost e-commerce and definitely contribute to digital single market."@et1

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