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"The Single Market is the very essence of European integration. In 20 years intra-European trade has been expanded by four times, as has the FDI between EU countries. Yet we are continuously faced with non-implementation of existing EU directives. About 150 bottlenecks still cause serious distortion and fragmentation in the functioning of the European market. The new Member States find the resistance to opening the services market especially disappointing and demoralising. This reflects in the nutshell the major problems and internal contradictions of the EU – insufficient political commitment coupled with short-term national preferences over the common good. Simply enhancing the role of the Commission to enforce the directives will not solve the problem. The EU first needs to address two dramatic weaknesses: 1. the alarmingly insufficient and unequal level of competitiveness motivating several Member States to protectionism instead of conducting genuine structural reforms; 2. failure to fully understand that in the present demographic situation, where only 2-3 taxpayers are left for one retired person, the model of the established welfare state is not and will not be sustainable. We need to complete the Single Market as fast as possible, to boost the economy; this also means launching the Digital Single Market without delay!"@et1

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