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". I wish to stress the importance of creating a Single European Sky, as any further delay in this regard could, in the near future, result in the complete paralysis of air traffic in the European Union. The desire to ensure an efficient aviation sector has become such a key issue that, for some time now, we have been focusing on air traffic capacity, without emphasising the importance of the airspace itself. I agree with the rapporteur and believe that the Member States have committed themselves to implementing a Single European Sky. Consequently, they should also show commitment now to introducing the relevant legislation. It is natural that there should be concerns and risks associated with the transformation of air traffic management. However, highly qualified and adequately rewarded staff will ensure the cohesion of the system. One of the biggest challenges facing us is how to stop the fragmentation of European airspace; appropriate airspace blocks should replace Member States’ fragmented approach, thereby improving efficiency and reducing air traffic congestion."@en1

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