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"Mr President, Commissioner, the crisis in the supply of natural gas to Europe at the end of the last decade showed the weakness of the EU and exposed its sensitivity to this type of event. It is true that many actions have been taken to improve the security of energy supply to the European market. I refer to the regulation regarding security of supply, and to the measures taken to build a single internal market). The Commission’s proposal for a decision on setting up an information exchange mechanism with regard to intergovernmental agreements required clarification. I would like to emphasise that during the Polish-Russian gas negotiations, the Commission had a justified complaint regarding conditions imposed by the supplier in the negotiated agreements. I also made allegations regarding failure to provide complete information. It should be emphasised that as a result of these measures, Poland has developed a working and, as it turned out, a highly effective mechanism of information exchange with the Commission. It is perhaps the only Member State to have done so. The draft decision which the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy voted through in July contains provisions regarding the Commission’s assistance in the implementation of transnational projects. An example of these are or will be the proposed negotiations by Commission on the issue of gas supply in the Caspian region. The energy balance of the EU in the light of the proposed open and free energy market should not be disrupted by irresponsible or unwise bilateral decisions. Member States should therefore share information regarding intergovernmental agreements concluded, and the Commission should be aware of the existence of such agreements and of the negotiations conducted."@en1

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