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"Madam President, Baroness Ashton, ladies and gentlemen, I agree with Mr Brok’s statements and with his report, which see progress in the development of the European External Action Service. This, together with your personal action, is starting to give shape and identity to the EU’s common foreign and security policy and external action, along the lines of a global multilateral approach based on plural instruments, which is the only possible way to face the challenges of the world today. In this framework, I believe that the balanced approach you have taken on delicate issues such as those of Syria and Iran, based on a correct awareness of the delicate network of interdependence and on the contradiction between state and national religion that characterises the Middle East, is commendable. That said, there is clearly a long way to go towards a better identification of the priorities, which are to strengthen the unity of intent of the Member States, strengthen European defence and develop the parliamentary dimension of the common foreign and security policy, both in terms of parliamentary control of the spirit and the letter of Article 36, and of strengthening the potential of parliamentary diplomacy. I believe that in these areas, too, we can work together, not least in preparation for the review of the decision establishing the External Action Service, towards which we will work constructively."@en1

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