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"The Action Group for Syria is committed to ensuring full implementation of the six-point plan and Security Council resolutions 2042 and 2043. However, the key to breakthrough is Russia. The EU should ask Russia to unconditionally halt any arms export to Syria. It is unacceptable in principle that a strategic partner of the EU continues to block any serious action towards a peaceful settlement and continues exporting arms to a regime that has been systematically murdering its own citizens for more than one year. It is ironic that Russia claims to accept only peaceful international intervention, whereas it uses brutal force in Chechnya and against peaceful manifestations of internal opposition. May I add a piece of practical advice? The EU could strengthen its position on Syria if it first made Mr Putin honour fully the August 2008 agreement on Georgia by insisting that there will be no further progress in mutual relations until Moscow admits EU observers to the occupied Georgian territories. Instead of timidly begging Mr Putin for almost four years to comply with his own commitments the EU has more than enough power to say: no further progress until you behave according to international law."@et1

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