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"I voted in favour of this very important report. I especially welcome that one of the amendments, tabled by my group, the EPP, ensures that a transitional mechanism is established for 2013 making the direct payments comply with Regulation No 73/2009, a framework of EU direct payments and complementary national direct payments to be applicable in the new Member States. The latter has led to the consequence that, during the last years from 2009 until 2011, total receipts of direct payments for farmers in several new Member States in all farming sectors have reached the levels of direct payments received by farmers in the Member States applying the historical single payment scheme (SPS). To avoid market distortions created due to the different manner of implementation of recent CAP reforms in different Member States, it is necessary to provide the possibility to the new Member States to grant transitional national support in 2013, while direct payments will be introduced uniformly in all Member States. In order to provide a smooth transition from the current to the reformed and uniformly implemented direct payment system it is crucial to have a transitional mechanism for 2013."@et1

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