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"Mr President, this is a rich programme for 2013 and it is suitable for the last full year of this legislative mandate. The Commission has reached cruising speed, and we even have passion. The applause for Mr Barroso yesterday was clearly genuine and appropriate, and it confounds the critics who consistently accuse the Commission of being non-elected technocrats. Liberals believe that a strong Commission is always a political Commission. Of course there can be improvements, across the board, in its functions. There are several functions and sometimes some are disguised too much. First the Commission is the public face of Europe. Secondly it is the administration, which must be tight and efficient and rigorous in putting into effect Union law. Thirdly it ought to be the intellectual powerhouse, the think tank for the Union. It should also search out and articulate the common interest of the states and citizens, thereby exploiting to the full its right of legislative and political initiative, especially now as a counterparty to the European Council. The Commission is at its weakest when it becomes defensive, when it becomes complicit in closeted deals between one, two or three prime ministers. It is strongest when it sticks to the general interest, so we welcome the unprecedented paper of the four Presidents that proposes the blueprint and road map to banking, fiscal and political union."@en1

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