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"Mr President, I would like to thank the European Parliament and, in particular, the Committee on Transport and Tourism and the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection and the rapporteurs, Ms Sehnalová and Mr Koch, for their work on producing this excellent report on eCall. eCall is one of the six priority actions of the ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) Directive and will contribute decisively to improving effectiveness and speed of rescue. The introduction of a harmonised EU-wide interoperable eCall service based on 112 in Europe is a high priority of the Commission and we have been working for some years to bring it to all vehicles in Europe. I welcome the firm support from Parliament expressed in the report that you are going to vote on tomorrow. Following the adoption of the recommendation to mobile network operators in September 2011, two other legislative measures are in preparation with the aim of having the service operational in 2015. The proposal for a regulation under the vehicle type-approval legislation – for the in-vehicle part – is currently being drafted and will be submitted to the European Parliament and the Council in the coming months. The specifications for the upgrading of the Emergency Call Response Centres, to be adopted by the Commission in the framework of the ITS Directive, are almost finalised with the help of experts from all around Europe. The Commission is organising the last meeting with experts tomorrow. The report calls for mandatory implementation and paves the way towards the harmonised deployment of the eCall service based on 112. This is a clear sign to all interested parties. We believe that the mandatory implementation of eCall will make the cost affordable to all parties thanks to economies of scale and make the benefits available not only to all citizens in Europe but also to European industry. We will make all efforts to ensure that the necessary elements of eCall are operational by the time of implementing the mandatory use of eCall. As suggested by the report, the Commission will also support awareness and education campaigns to ensure that eCall is properly used. We will keep promoting the openness of the eCall platform and make sure that customer choice and fair competition are guaranteed. I would like to thank again the European Parliament for its continued support for the deployment of eCall in order to make our roads safer. Together, we will bring eCall to our citizens in order to save precious lives."@en1

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