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"I am Estonian. I am citizen of the EU. My country joined the European Union believing that it would be treated equally and would fully enjoy all of the same rights enjoyed by European citizens. Since the 2004 enlargement, the peoples of the ten post-communist countries have had to face several hurdles in their progress towards real equality – often accompanied by humiliations – such as: delays in opening up the job market, restrictive measures on business making, etc. As a member of EFTA, Switzerland has signed the Free Movement of Persons Agreement, which guarantees all EU citizens equal rights on the Swiss labour and business market. Introducing restrictive measures and quotas for nationals of some EU member states has to be assessed as a discriminatory measure. Clearly, it cannot be derived from Article 10 of the 1999 agreement. Quotas should be established for all EU nationals or for no one; they are not supposed be used in a selective way based on nationality. There are some alarming trends in today's Europe: hate websites in the Netherlands and Belgium, and new Swiss laws which result in the practical marginalisation of citizens originating from post-communist EU Member States. I call on the Commission to unconditionally condemn such acts and, if necessary, to apply the necessary sanctions."@et1

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