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"I have read the report with interest. However, I would like to point out a few important factors which should be considered in the debate on raw materials in the European Union. I believe that our primary consideration should be to change the current model of production. We should therefore develop three selected areas under this model where raw materials should be reused; namely, food, housing and mobility. The European Commission should set up special working groups in these areas. It is also important for the European recycling system to have resource utilisation rates based on four basic indices, namely land, water, materials and carbon footprint. This would allow a more harmonised and efficient use of resources. Another important issue is to maintain prices for emissions trading, environmental resources and ecosystem services at the level required by states with a lower level of economic development because prices which are too high can mean that low-income social groups are deprived of raw materials. SMEs are a further key issue, since as part of their research and innovation programmes, they can raise funds for the rational use of resources by means of research into new substitute materials."@en1

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