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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, Mr Martin’s report paves the way to the full implementation of the Treaties’ provision governing the right of inquiry, essential for carrying out one of Parliament’s fundamental duties: political control. The Treaty of Lisbon introduced a special legislative procedure, and we therefore hope that during negotiations, both the institutions – Council and Commission – will uphold the spirit of this rule which explicitly entrusts the power of initiative and regulatory power to Parliament, and limits the role of the Council and Commission to a mere expression of consent. Mr Martin’s report draws on the previous experiences of temporary committees of inquiry which have shown the limitations of this instrument, and proposes significant innovations. Informal talks with the Danish Presidency and with the Commission have resulted in satisfactory compromise proposals which meet some of the requests of the Member States and the Commission, but which do not limit Parliament’s right to hold to account EU and national institutions for the correct implementation of EU legislation, and to identify possible instances of maladministration. Certain wording could be better clarified, but it is vital not to compromise on one point: the committees of inquiry must have access to documents and persons. This has nothing to do with judicial duties but, precisely, it concerns the full implementation of the political right clearly enshrined in the Treaties: the right of political control."@en1

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