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"Mr President, the forthcoming UEFA Euro 2012 championship in Poland and Ukraine will provide an opportunity to celebrate football across Europe, and I speak as a proud Irishwoman whose national team has qualified for this event. Unfortunately, however, there will be a darker side, as there is evidence to suggest that such events can lead to an increase in prostitution and trafficking in women for sexual exploitation. Prostitution is something of a grey area in both Poland and Ukraine, being neither fully legal nor illegal. With just weeks to go until the championship, I am calling on the Commission to work with UEFA to initiate a Europe-wide campaign, during the championship, which would, first and foremost, educate the population at large about the problem of forced prostitution and human trafficking; secondly, seek to curb demand by raising awareness among potential clients; and also provide information and assistance to those at risk of being trafficked into prostitution during this time. Prostitution is not a lifestyle choice. It is time to debunk the idea of the happy hooker. Indeed, women who are involved in prostitution will testify that they have had very few choices in life."@en1

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