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"Mr President, while Europe Day is an occasion for celebration, it also offers us an excellent opportunity to take stock of the steps that we still have to take to create an ever-deeper union between Europe’s peoples, where decisions are made with complete respect for the principle of transparency and as close to citizens as possible. Today, we must look to the future. It is our duty not only to instil in young people the same ideals which Robert Schuman had in the 1950s, but, in particular, to provide the conditions they need to contribute themselves to the development of the society in which they live, at least just as much as previous generations have done. I think that we are duty-bound to invest in education, health, research and innovation and, above all, in the European Union’s industrial policy. This is the only way in which we can help young people enhance their skills and become more enterprising, and enable them to find a decent, secure, well-paid job, matching the qualifications each of them has."@en1

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