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"Mr President, on 9 May 1950, the French Minister for Foreign Affairs, Robert Schuman, formally called the democratic countries of Europe to seek mutual cooperation to ensure that the drama of World War II would not be repeated in the future. This day is generally regarded as the beginning of a united Europe. The reconciliatory nature of the declaration towards Germany and its openness to the participation of other European countries set new standards of political life in Europe. Today, 62 years on, the Schuman Declaration continues to be as relevant as ever. However, in relation to the economic crisis which has hit Europe, we are increasingly seeing the worrying phenomenon of local revivals of nationalisms and the growth of racism and xenophobia in our continent. This is accompanied by a significant loss of confidence in relation to the European Union and the idea of integration. The Union itself is currently struggling with the greatest crisis of identity in its history. What, then, will be the future of Europe?"@en1

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