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"Mr President, there has been a change of government in Romania. After the no-confidence motion of the opposition parties was voted through, a social democratic politician has been able to form a government. The main topic of the no-confidence motion was the establishment of an independent Hungarian-language medical university as guaranteed by law. In other words, the centre-right cabinet fell because of granting a right that is set down in a national minority law. In the manifesto of the new government, for the first time since the change of regime, the Hungarian minority does not get a single mention. This government is not even willing to acknowledge the existence of our community of 1.5 million people. These tendencies point in an extremely negative direction at a time when Romanian citizens are also suffering greatly from the effects of the economic crisis. I would warn the Romanian political class, especially the leaders of the parties that have now come to power, against trying to divert attention from the country’s problems by attacks against the Hungarian minority at this time of crisis."@en1

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