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"Mr President, one of the greatest achievements of the Union’s wine reform is the existence of common regulations on protection of origin. However, quality European wines must not be at the mercy of conflicts between states. Several cross-border European wine regions have settled successfully questions concerning wine making procedures and protection of origin, such as the Moselle wine region in French, German and Luxembourg territory. That could be an example to be followed in resolving as soon as possible the debate surrounding the use of the ‘Tokaji’ name and how such wine is made. That would serve the interests of both Hungarian and Slovakian producers of fine wines. Unfortunately, at present, there is a disagreement between the two countries. The submission of the former socialist Hungarian Government is before the Court of Justice of the European Union, but it would be very welcome if the Slovakian Government, the Hungarian Government and the Commission in Brussels could agree to protect the reputation of the wine of the kings and the king among wines."@en1

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