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"Practical and realistic proposals – this report constitutes the pragmatic counterpart to the Commission’s communications following the democratic movements in the Arab world in 2011. The rapporteur puts forward the need for a coordinated, flexible and proactive EU policy and relays, in this regard, the aspirations of the civil societies of southern Mediterranean countries. I would add, however, that the economic integration that the EU advocates and wants to develop should, first and foremost, focus on South-South economic integration. The Commission, in its communications, considers that economic integration requires integration into the European market. In my view, this is only a second step: once the markets in southern countries have integrated among themselves, and once the EU has helped them to adapt to its technical and health standards, then access to the internal European market will be of real interest and will have a concrete impact on southern economies. I also support the rapporteur’s idea to analyse, by means of impact studies, the effects of European trade policy on the economic systems of these countries. Such a study will allow for a rapid adjustment of European measures."@en1

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