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"The EU’s strongest incentive for democratic change in third countries is its trade and investment perspectives. The Arab Spring revealed some embarrassing structural and systemic shortcomings in EU policies dealing with the countries of North Africa and the Middle East. A new EU trade policy has to provide incentives for structural reforms, and also contributing to food and water security in the region. This will be the most effective means of convincing the people of the region that political democracy is the most efficient way to economic progress and justice. It is good that the report is very clear on the involvement of civil society in all social processes. I emphasise the need for the EU and its civil society to be proactive and work hand in hand with local civil society to assist and support their efforts. Only a pluralistic and vibrant civil society can bring about the change from within and ensure that democratic efforts are pursued. I remind the EU to be firm in its strive for trade and investments, making sure that economic relations are accompanied by achievements and real results in respect of human rights, democracy and the rule of law. Economic liberalisation and democratisation need to be complementary and simultaneous to each other."@et1

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