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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I believe that the excellent report by Mr Rinaldi has been a success in the House. I totally agree with the excellent opinion of the report. Nevertheless, I would like to raise a small issue. Compared with this new world that is trying to seek democracy and different economic conditions, our Europe is a Europe divided by the Mediterranean. It is precisely this special focus on the Mediterranean that I would like the Commission to have, as regards both environmental issues and economic trade in the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean is a fishing area. We are building a new fisheries policy in Europe in which Europe will set some very strict rules. On the other side, however, there are no rules. Therefore, why not use forms of fisheries agreements, support for these countries so that they apply the same rules that are applied in Europe? This would be healthy for European fishing, healthy for the sea and environmental conservation, and would ensure that this division becomes ever smaller but an increasingly homogenous place on which to build the future of Europe and of this new world."@en1

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