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"Mr President, I would like to thank Mr Rinaldi for this report. With many dictators deposed, we have a unique opportunity in the EU to engage with North Africa and the Middle East and to help create a true social market economy in this region. On this, Schuman Day, may I remind the House of the origins of the social market economy. I believe it is time that we followed on from that Christian Democratic tradition and put ‘social’ back in the social market economy. We do not need to replace some dictators with others, whether they are capitalists or socialists or oligarchs controlling the markets and controlling the lives of people. What we need is a social market where people not only have rights and social justice but where they have responsibility and a sense of enterprise. If you want social justice and the wealth that is needed to create the public services we want in these new countries that are looking for good governance, then you have to encourage the enterprising spirit to create that wealth – and I do want that social justice. I have looked at the failed system behind the Berlin Wall. The Berlin Wall days are gone! We are not going back to that system of protectionism where bully politicians control the lives of people. Let us look at who some of those dictators were and who they were associated with in their international, political arrangement. I believe that with every right goes a responsibility; a responsibility for each other. People get up in this House and they preach about rights, constantly misleading people that somebody else can provide those rights or that somehow, by some magic formula, we in this House can – with our clay feet – legislate rights for people; but the responsibilities that go with them are not there. We have to insist not only on good governance in the Middle East and Northern Africa, but in this part of the world as well, where social market economy means that there is a true social market – not manipulated, not dictated, not politically controlled – and where social justice is at its centre and where people who, by the sweat of their brow, create wealth, are encouraged to be able to use that wealth for the good of the community."@en1

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