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"Mr President, there is a before and after to the Arab Spring – many speakers have said so. There is a commitment to help these southern Mediterranean countries in the transition to democracy, these countries that are still in the process of transformation or that are stuck in a tunnel and cannot get out of it There is a need to provide instruments alongside the trade agreements that serve as levers for change, democratisation and stabilisation. As the rapporteur has said, the amendments that have been presented, the human rights clause, democratisation, sustainability and corporate responsibility are essential conditions that all agreements should include, and although we are facing a new generation of trade agreements – which started with Morocco – within bilateral negotiation frameworks, we must recognise that there are certain sensitive areas, as is the case with agriculture, and that not all EU countries suffer the negative consequences that trade agreements can produce to the same extent. Therefore, we are in favour of these trade agreements, and of this new generation of trade agreements, but we want this reciprocity clause, which must be present in all bilateral agreements, to be studied, we want impact studies and also, above all, we want studies on measures or instruments that divide the costs throughout the countries of the EU. I think that the problems arising within EU countries with regard to more sensitive areas such as agriculture, self-employed workers and small businesses should also be ironed out, particularly in the countries most affected by these issues within the EU."@en1

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