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"Mr President, the Arab Spring is an historic milestone that should help our neighbouring countries to make progress on the path towards democracy, respect for the fundamental values of human rights and a free society. We must make the most of this time to strengthen our trade relations with these countries, contributing to economic development and progress along both shores of the Mediterranean. It is a key time for making progress in terms of opening up goods and services markets and establishing a framework guaranteeing the legal certainty of investments and adopting environmental, plant protection and social standards that benefit citizens from both sides. However, any proposal that deals with sensitive areas must be preceded by appropriate impact studies. We must exercise the necessary caution with regard to sensitive areas for the European Union such as agriculture, an area that is currently making enormous efforts, which, in some cases, even means abandoning crops. That is why the Group of the European People’s Party (Christian Democrats) has requested a split vote on paragraph 19, removing the reference that ‘the EU must be prepared to make additional efforts in sensitive areas such as agriculture’."@en1

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