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"Mr President, Commissioner, honourable Members, the Council has set in motion a broad raft of measures to tackle some of the problems that we are experiencing in the Mediterranean region and that a number of Members of this House were able to see for themselves during their visit to the region. We in the Council will continue to offer Italy and the other countries in the region our full support. This has been – and will continue to be – a priority for the Danish Presidency, and we look forward to continuing our cooperation with Parliament and the Commission in this area. We in the EU must give our full attention to dealing with illegal immigration into the Union. The EU is also under an obligation to ensure decent conditions and respect for human rights for everyone travelling into the EU at all times. Respect for human rights must always form the basis of our work. In the most recent proposal for the Reception Directive, which is currently being negotiated with Parliament, it is also noted as a prerequisite for the provision of decent reception conditions that the participating Member States comply with the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights, among others. There will undoubtedly continue to be a focus on ensuring proper asylum and migration management in the EU, but I hope that Parliament has today gained an idea of the efforts that are currently being made on the part of the EU to tackle many of the problems that several Members of this House have also mentioned here today, including, most importantly, how the EU can assist the Member States with their obligations in this area. This is a task that is to be carried out jointly by the Member States, the Commission, Parliament and the Council."@en1

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