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"Mr President, I recall the words of Mr Portas, who said, with great dignity, that in Lampedusa, he felt it was worthwhile being an MEP. The European Parliament has an obligation to denounce this shameful situation in Europe, and resolving it is the combined responsibility of the European Union. Have we forgotten already? In response to the xenophobic political groups in this Chamber, the history of Europe is the history of emigrants. Over the centuries, people in their thousands have fled Europe to improve their living conditions or in search of hope. Many left for Europe, but many also left for other continents. Which European country has not gone through times of enormous difficulty in its history during which many of its nationals had to seek refuge beyond its borders? We need to integrate these people. It is a moral imperative for Europe. We need to denounce the fact that there are eight-year-old children who have been detained alone in reception centres or in prisons. A European solution is urgently required."@en1

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