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"Mr President, generally speaking, I am impressed by the debates in the House today. We had a long discussion on the future of the European Union, because today is 9 May. Beautiful and very important words were said here in the Chamber about the need to defend and the need to strengthen the European Union. Calls were made for the concept of a federal Europe to be talked about more clearly and openly, and for people not to be afraid of a federal Europe. We said a lot about solidarity, cooperation and mutual help, and now we are talking about migrants. A debate about migrants from the southern Mediterranean, particularly after all the historic events about which the Members have said a great deal here, must not be a discussion between Members from Italy, Malta, Greece and the other Member States which lie around the Mediterranean. This is a European challenge, and it confronts us all. I listened to Mr Busuttil’s dramatic speech and completely agree with what he says about sharing responsibility for the future of migrants in our continent. Europe is the goal; a place dreamed of by many, many thousands of people from countries which are in a dreadfully difficult situation. They are ready to risk their lives. Many of them have lost their lives, as we have seen was the case in Malta last week. All of us in our continent are responsible for the fate of these people – people who are trying to get to us, using different ways, often giving rise to enormous problems. However, we are also responsible for the problems of the citizens, governments and local authorities in the places which are the first to come into contact with the migrants. Looking at the statistics, and at a small country like Malta, up to and including 2012, the Maltese army has rescued 15 000 people. I would therefore like to call once again for a common European policy on this drastic and very difficult problem."@en1

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