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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I find myself for the umpteenth time – this is the third year of my term of office – and time and again we deal with the same problems as if it were the first time. And this year, as in every other year, we are once again witnessing a mass slaughter. The Mediterranean has now become an open mass grave. It is also the tomb of civilisation and, above all, the tomb of the hopes of thousands of people fleeing – men, women and children as has just been mentioned – fleeing from their countries and fleeing, above all, from civil and religious persecution. Europe has major responsibilities because it has negotiated with murderers like Gaddafi, who have used these poor martyrs – and Gaddafi did so precisely to raise the stakes and at the very moment Europe was in negotiations with Libya. Every time, we find ourselves debating the issue as if it were the first time. What I want to know is what are we planning to do about it? What actual responses are we going to give our citizens? Yet again, this is another tragedy and, as Mr Moraes quite rightly has pointed out, the Italian Government may have changed, but we still have to give answers."@en1

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