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"Mr President, after being there in July 2011, I was, of course, deeply affected, as we all were, by the stories, the journeys, the courage, the path taken by these men, these women, these children who were suffering, arriving every day in Italy on the island of Lampedusa, before being crammed into detention centres in terrible conditions, sometimes defying all humanity, violating all human dignity, a long way from the much coveted European dream. There are both questions being asked and long-term political effects. Some such questions are: following our visits, we have all denounced the lack of information and today, one year later, we are still lacking information. How are the recent arrivals being managed? How many people have arrived? In what conditions are they living today? How many have been transferred to other centres or to the continent and where are the programmes on the island itself? We would like to know how the Italian authorities have used the more than EUR 232 million given to them to enable them to respond to this difficult situation. However, there are also long-term political effects. Apart from the fact that the paradise shores of the Italian island will forever remain extremely famous – the island of hopes and dreams for the arrival of these many Mediterranean boat people – I regret that this crisis in Lampedusa has brought us where we are today. This migratory crisis has been caused by poor management with regard to the arrival of these immigrants, which has furthermore led us to a famous France-Italy episode, to Italy granting temporary residence permits for migrants, then to the closure of borders by France and by Mr Sarkozy, culminating in a dramatic result for Europe and European integration, to a debate, which is today highly politicised, on the Schengen area, and to a situation where Europeans no longer like Europe because of Schengen and where this is being reflected in the elections. A real policy is therefore needed …"@en1

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