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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, the previous government was right to put a stop to the constant migration flows in circumstances that certainly did not allow a reception worthy of the name. One reason is that the centres – and the report is very vague on this issue – are regularly destroyed by their delightful occupants, whether they are illegal or irregular migrants, and of course Europe, the muggins in this whole affair, pays for this destruction with its taxes. It is true that the European Union has provided significant aid, but part of this has been, has had to be used to rebuild what the kind third-country nationals have destroyed, at the cost of European taxpayers. And we should have the courage to set this down on paper! Just as with regard to human rights, when these missions take place, we should also be concerned about making sure that the rights of workers are respected, as I have always done when I have been involved. Police forces and staff have to be protected, given that there have been cases of murder. Therefore, the government has done the right thing in regulating this emergency and these flows efficiently and energetically, in an attempt to help protect Europe’s external borders."@en1

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