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"Let us give well-deserved congratulations to Ms Niebler on her great work in reaching an agreement with Member States to reduce the prices for using mobile phones and tablets while travelling in the EU. We all saw the increasing mobility of people in the EU, but using mobile devices abroad remained too expensive, especially for data transfer. This was an obstacle preventing small businesses and ordinary people from being integrated into the European family. This summer, European citizens will feel the reduction, and in just two years, roaming services will be at least half the price. The European Union needs such a policy in the current climate of crisis where measures are required to promote growth and the ever-closer integration of people and markets within the EU. I cannot overlook the fact either that the new roaming agreement provides for very strong measures to promote competition and enable more operators, including virtual operators, to enter this sector, without people having to change their telephone numbers and being charged for switching operators. I would go as far as to describe the developments in the roaming sector as some of the best news to come out lately, and the European Parliament deserves the main credit for this."@en1

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