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"For too long, real competition, which is profitable to consumers, has been conspicuously silent! Parliament is coming to the rescue from 1 July. Firstly, this reduction in roaming charges is an excellent thing for citizens, but that is not all. European consumers will be able to buy specific roaming tariffs for communication or mobile Internet separately, possibly from another operator. Citizens who go on holiday in Europe will no longer have to break the bank paying their telephone bill when they return. It is also quite a bonus for all the citizens living in border regions. Furthermore, for optimal comfort, consumers will be able to enjoy this service without having to change their number. Lastly, in order to avoid nasty surprises for consumers, operators will be obliged to send a message to the user with all the costs of the country they are arriving in, no matter where they are in the world. If we notice that the operators are not playing the game in this area and in others, we will start all over again in 2014-2015."@en1

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