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"I think that the agreement on reducing roaming charges in the EU is ideal in light of the structural problems caused by roaming services. In fact, from 1 July 2012, charges for calls made in an EU Member State other than the caller’s home country cannot exceed 29 cents per minute, while those for answered calls should not be higher than eight cents per minute. To curb the impact of high roaming service charges, the situation needs to shift from the monopoly held by mobile phone operators to sustainable competition intended to encourage investment and the creation of new jobs. This will allow users to choose the mobile phone operator they want for the time they are going to be abroad. I should point out the situation of customers living in border regions who receive unnecessarily high bills due to inadvertent roaming. On this point, roaming and mobile phone service providers must warn users immediately when their phone is subject to roaming. The freedom of movement in the European Union must be backed up by the freedom to communicate at affordable prices throughout Europe."@en1

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