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"Madam President, Commissioner, honourable Members, first and foremost, I would like to thank Parliament for an extremely good debate, in which it has been absolutely clear that we will hopefully see a resolution tomorrow that will secure a better internal market, greater competitiveness and greater consumer protection, and that will help the EU to be better equipped to compete at international level. As my good friend, Jens Rohde, said, irrespective of what your political convictions may be, we have seen that the telecommunications companies have not been capable of setting reasonable prices themselves. It has therefore been necessary for the Commission, Parliament and also the Council to take decisive and important decisions. This does not mean that making calls across borders will suddenly become cheap, but it does mean that it will be considerably cheaper than it was previously. This is good news for companies, which are required to create jobs and growth, but it is indeed also good news for all those who travel around in Europe, whether alone or with their families. I believe it is the experience of most people who have travelled with children or grandchildren that, when the bill comes, a few weeks later, the envelope contains a very unpleasant surprise. It will now be safer, more secure and more consumer-friendly to use mobile telephony to make calls, send text messages and receive data. Therefore, the resolution that the European Parliament will adopt tomorrow is a very good example of the fact that, even in a crisis situation, we have a Europe that is aware that it has to take sound decisions for the sake of growth and consumer safety. Tomorrow will therefore be a very good day for the EU, and particularly for the 500 million citizens of the Union, and on behalf of the Council, I would like once again to thank Parliament and the Commission for their excellent cooperation, with the product of which I think we can all be satisfied."@en1

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