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"Madam President, I am in a good mood, so to speak, because of the positive collaboration and constructive work by the Parliament, the Council and hopefully also, in your experience, the Commission. We are able to add another strong example to the list of why Europe counts and why Europe is so important. We badly need examples to show the citizens in Europe that it is not only a philosophy and a case of ‘this is what we believe’, but that we can also deliver on the list of what can be done. I was very much inspired by the intervention by Mr Hökmark. He indeed painted it in a broader sense than what is at stake today. Today is an historic day, talking about our proposal, which, as mentioned, has been put on the table under the leadership of Angelika. All in all, it is just one step on a long road where we have to deliver: we have talked about a Digital Agenda; we have to deliver on quite a number of issues. This experience with you, the Parliament, and with the Council, is inspiring me to go on and to prove to the outside world that Europe is worthwhile, that Europe makes sense, and that it is a single digital market where borders should not count, but where the united population is taking advantage of what is at stake, in the spirit of the founders of Europe."@en1

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