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"Madam President, today’s vote or today’s decision will mean that we will dramatically reduce the cost of mobile Internet access, calls and text messages. This will be noticed in the wallets of consumers and travellers, and they will notice it as soon as July this year, when the costs will be reduced by 35%. Next year, the costs will be reduced by a few more percentage points and, by 2014, 65% of the costs will have been eradicated. The price of data will also be adequately reduced, and all of this is clear evidence that politics can play a role: the market cannot decide; the market must not be able to set exorbitant prices. In a borderless internal market, however, there is actually no reason for it to be more expensive to make calls between countries than to call someone in the same country. We now have a guarantee that the Commission will come back with a strong legislative proposal for a fully integrated telecommunications market if insufficient improvements have been made by 2016. We are therefore prepared to go further to ensure that people do not pay more than they should actually need to."@en1

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