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"Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, I do not think there could be a better day on which to hold this debate. Today is Europe Day, when we celebrate the idea of uniting 27 countries to date, creating a single market, a common currency for many of our Member States, ongoing cultural and educational exchange; an exchange, in short, of feelings of greater togetherness and closeness. What medium unites us more these days than that of communication? A single internal telecommunications market cannot, in fact, be said to exist without telecommunications and if significant differences remain between domestic and roaming prices. Therefore, the ultimate aim we have set ourselves is also the hypothetical one of being able to eliminate the difference between domestic charges and roaming charges, thus establishing an internal market for mobile communications services. It is one of the aims that we must set ourselves. In this way, competition will improve, and people will be protected. It is an economic saving, because high roaming charges always constitute an impediment to the Union’s efforts to develop into a knowledge-based economy and to the realisation of an internal market of 500 million consumers. That is not all. The creation of a European social, educational, cultural and entrepreneurial area, based on the mobility of individuals and digital data, should facilitate communication between people in order to attain our aim, which is to build a real ‘Europe for Citizens’. For these reasons, I thank the rapporteur, Ms Niebler, for her skill and her great capabilities at mediation, but most of all, for having attained the aims that have been achieved, given the importance of this issue. Obviously, I also thank all the shadow rapporteurs."@en1

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