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"Madam President, I very much thank the rapporteur. I think this is an excellent report. I am instinctively politically opposed to the setting of caps on prices (I am a traditional free marketeer), but I do recognise that, when we are in a position where that dogma will simply not suffice, we need to bring in the democratic will. As information on everything from bus timetables to important information on over-the-counter medicines more and more relies on you being able to point a mobile at it for the information rather than it being written, that is good for the environment – we are all for that – but if I am in a different country, that should not be costing me a lot of money. It is my access to information, which I think is fast becoming seen as a right of citizens. I would like to set a challenge to the industry that we should not be here yet again in a couple of years’ time for another reiteration of this. They should get their act together, sort themselves out and accept that the party is over and it is time they provided citizens with a service at a reasonable price."@en1

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