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"Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, I believe that we have achieved a good result. I would like to thank Ms Niebler and the members on the committees. The new roaming charges will prevent consumers from being exploited and finally bring an end to unfair pricing practices. I hope that in the summer holidays, which some of us may spend in Greece, and hopefully we will still be able to travel to Greece by then, we will notice the difference. However, I would also like to mention another point that is particularly important to me and to the region I come from, which has borders with Poland and the Czech Republic. Citizens who live in border regions must no longer have to pay especially high costs. They are often completely unaware of the fact that they are inadvertently using expensive foreign networks. They cannot do anything about this and they do not receive any warnings. We often talk about a Europe without borders, but when we use mobile phones near a border, we have to pay a penalty. We want to change this situation. The service providers must ensure that customers no longer have to pay the high charges which are currently being imposed on them. Nevertheless, I would like to warn everyone against getting too excited, even if the signals which we are sending out today are positive. Ms Kroes, you have said that Mr Schuman would have been proud of us today. It seems to me to be rather an exaggeration to suggest that he might have been proud about this issue when we are in the midst of the most serious crisis ever to hit the European Union. I also believe that he would not have been quite as proud of the draft produced by the Commission. My thanks go to the members in the committees who, fortunately, were able to make some changes to it. This will help the citizens of Europe who are also the end consumers. However, we must also admit that the costs which we impose on the citizens of Europe as a result of our other directives and regulations add up to a much larger amount than the money which we are now saving them. We need to work on improving this situation in future. However, this does represent a step in the right direction. I believe that we can all look forward to the summer holidays and to travelling in border regions."@en1

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