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"Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, a few years ago, I made a cross-border call on my mobile phone in Europe and the bill for my 15-minute conversation was EUR 123. Thanks to the European Parliament, we have now put an end to this kind of racket. I admit that I was rather unhappy about the Roaming I Regulation, because price regulation is not something that goes with a market economy. However, we had no choice. Normally the market regulates prices by means of supply and demand as part of the competitive process. However, if there is no competition on the telecommunications market, we need to step in and introduce regulations. Just like surfing the Internet, making phone calls is as much a part of our everyday life as eating and drinking. We have the internal market, but citizens who travel in Europe are ripped off when it comes to roaming charges. We must put a stop to this. Against this background and given this situation, we have made the right response. The previous decisions have largely concerned price regulation. The rules that we will be adopting tomorrow will settle precisely this problem. My fellow Member has said that there is a lack of competition. With the regulation that is in front of us now, we will be creating competition in Europe, not just in one country, but in the internal market. This sends out a very positive signal. If the citizens of Europe take the opportunity that is open to them now, within five to six years, we will no longer have to talk about roaming in Europe. We have also looked to the future. We have included all the options for data transmission in this regulation and we have taken a realistic approach. We should give our sincere thanks to the rapporteurs and to everyone involved. This is an excellent proposal which is in the interests of the citizens of Europe."@en1

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