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"Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, there are over 120 million broadband users in Europe, and at least 70 million people use their own mobile phone to connect to the Internet, do work, study or simply obtain information. Thanks to this regulation, the European Union has finally decided to intervene in favour of these consumers and reduce the cost of international telephone traffic, be it by way of voice, data or SMS messaging. This is a positive decision because the price reduction programme will lead to an average drop in charges of 35% over the next three years. That is not enough, however. At a difficult time like this, for both the economy and jobs, communications, new technologies and innovation are a prime asset that Europe must defend more courageously. Every European citizen must be able to move freely between Member States using the telecommunications tariffs set by his or her own national operator. Those who travel around Europe have had enough of being ripped off and enormous bills. If we really want to give a concrete response to citizens’ concerns, let us create a sort of telecommunications Schengen area, where they will no longer be charged at rates that differ from country to country within the area."@en1

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