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"Madam President, many people in Europe today do not see the point of integration. They have lost faith in a common EU approach and are under the impression that the EU is something for bureaucrats and not for people. However, the new rules on roaming may remove the doubts of some of these people and show them that actually, the EU is able to put measures in place which benefit citizens and consumers. We do not always manage to adopt rules which translate so directly into everyday life, but this one does have direct application. So I would like to compliment Ms Niebler on her report and add my voice to her requests to publicise our achievement – we have reached agreement between all the political groups – and to publicise it in particular among the citizens, because this will help them understand what the European Union does for them. I want to point out that we mainly talk about financial issues in this Chamber and how they affect household budgets and the money in our pockets. I do think these issues are important, but they are not the only important factor in all of these changes. In Europe, and around the world, people’s lifestyles and the ways we keep in touch with each other are simply changing. These contacts are taking place to an ever greater degree using computers, telephones and the Internet. We want ever faster information; we want to be in touch with friends wherever we are; we are travelling more often, too, and it is precisely because our lifestyle is changing that the decision we are going to make today will be so very important for everyone. This is not just a matter of reducing costs, but is also about the citizens having greater influence and greater control over how much they spend. Providers will have to supply us with information about our accounts and how much we have spent – we will be the ones who decide how much we pay, and this will not be decided for us. We are going to install smart meters in our homes. This regulation is now going to give us access to smartphones."@en1

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