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"Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, I am bound to say that I am fully in agreement with the speech of Ms Yannakoudakis. Finally, rather than demanding new sacrifices from our citizens, the European Commission has committed itself to cutting charges; in this case, we are talking about mobile phone roaming charges within the European Union. The cost of international roaming on public communications networks used to represent, and still does today, a genuinely oppressive burden for consumers. This measure increases competition in the sector and reduces the cost of communications when abroad. This will be of help to citizens who are travelling in EU territory and use their national mobile phone number to place calls, surf the Internet and send SMS messages. As regards the objectives of the 2020 strategy and the Digital Agenda, I believe it is necessary to add to the development of the European communications market, making it more competitive and facilitating market access for new operators. I am in favour of the text because it harmonises the international roaming regulation, protects the consumer and ensures fair treatment."@en1

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