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"Madam President, international calls made while travelling within the European Union are, on average, five times more expensive than national calls. The current pricing system for roaming services is not sufficiently transparent. Further increases in the prices of roaming services create obstacles preventing the development of a single European market for these services and must therefore be reconsidered. This is why I am in favour of the proposal that provides for a cap for wholesale prices and the price levels that will subsequently be offered to end consumers. The proposal’s second part, which aims to reinforce the need for greater transparency in pricing in the market, includes providing consumers with complete and transparent information on roaming tariffs. I would like to thank the rapporteur, Ms Niebler, for her wonderful work on this complex and important directive, which aims to reduce the price of roaming services for European consumers during the current economic crisis. The current situation is incompatible with the concept of developing a single integrated European services market and the idea of these services being affordable to all of us and of having free competition in this market. This is why I fully support Ms Niebler’s work and find it excellent."@en1

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