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"Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, at a time when confidence in the European project is not at its best, I think that this new regulation on roaming represents an important step forward. The crisis and our response to it are distancing citizens who, in order for confidence in this common project to be restored, need to recognise the benefits that Europe can offer. If we want a Europe without borders, not only must we allow free movement – which some have recently called into question – but we must also facilitate it. For this reason, the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament has defended from the start the creation of a single market for mobile communications. Since the start of the review of this regulation, we have defended the idea that roaming tariffs should be brought into line with domestic tariffs, putting an end to the discrimination that exists. With our position, we have managed, for the first time, to include putting an end to this discrimination as the final objective of the regulation on roaming. In the short term, the price of voice calls, SMS and data while roaming will, progressively, be lowered considerably. Consumers will end up paying 65% less in 2014 for roaming tariffs compared with what they currently pay. Furthermore, they will have more options when choosing between operators thanks to the new structural measures that have been introduced. However, for the S&D Group, these measures are still merely transitional. We will remain vigilant in order to check that the measures introduced produce the desired effects and introduce more competition into the roaming market. Otherwise, I can tell you that we will continue in the 2016 review to call on the Commission to propose new measures to complete a real single market for mobile communications that gives adequate benefits to consumers. Ladies and gentlemen, to eliminate roaming is to build Europe; it is to reduce the obstacles that national borders still represent. In short, it is an opportunity that we must not miss in order to continue making progress on this common project that we believe in and that is the European Union. Congratulations to Ms Niebler, Mr Goebbels, Ms Merkies and to all those who have made this agreement possible."@en1

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