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"Mr President, I will be voting in favour of this regulation, but I will do so without any enthusiasm whatsoever, as I see this as an opportunity missed. I have talked about this issue, and we have all agreed with each other and said the right words. We said that data roaming is something that genuinely damages the internal market and harms consumers. We also said that this is something that needs to be regulated, which is something that people who do not like regulation may regret. We were all in agreement about this, so we all said the right words, but when it came to the figures, they were wrong. From 2014, the ceiling will be 20 cents per megabyte for data roaming. It perhaps does not sound very much per megabyte, but it amounts to EUR 200 per gigabyte. If we compare that with the national prices in any country, we see that consumers are still being robbed. Unfortunately, we will need Roaming IV, as Mr Rübig said earlier. This is a step in the right direction, but it is too little and it is moving too slowly."@en1

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