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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to make some comments on the submitted proposal. First, it is about the development and integration of our single European market. It applies to 380 million customers. This, in itself, represents progress. Customers get the possibility to make a free choice, and their protection is also beefed up. The third thing, which is extremely important in my opinion, is that small and medium-sized enterprises get a chance to access foreign networks, thereby strengthening competition. This will then be reflected in lower prices. However, I believe that much remains to be done. For example, the promotion of unified model contracts, which would make market access possible. It is also necessary to ensure that operators cannot make up for alleged losses through the palliative of costlier domestic calls. None of this, however, detracts from the importance of the text. I would like to thank Ms Niebler, who has pushed hard for this arrangement to be far more comprehensive than the previous one. To those who say that this hinders market-based solutions, I would also like to point out the well-known fact that market liberalism is actually a form of protectionism favouring the privileged."@en1

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