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"Mr President, allow me to also begin by personally congratulating Ms Niebler for having led so professionally and so successfully, on Parliament’s behalf, the third regulation on roaming on public mobile communications networks within the Union, now known as ‘Roaming III’. Not only has it been a success – as far as I can see – by substantially lowering the upper limits of what operators can charge consumers for mobile services when they are in another EU Member State, but the proposal for a regulation that we will vote on in this plenary session also includes other measures such as, for example, extending transparency clauses to European consumers travelling to non-Member States. However, above all, the greatest merit of the Roaming III Regulation is – in my view – its desire to become obsolete and create a competitive market for roaming services themselves, where it will no longer be necessary to regulate the situation in each of the different 27 markets every two years, but rather the situation in the single market, which should represent the European Union. This regulation, which we will vote on tomorrow, will not only be limited on this occasion to establishing new maximum tariffs that mobile phone operators must respect when European consumers travel outside the European Union, but, for the first time, we are tackling the situation – in my view, in a much more intelligent way – by establishing a competitive market. If the structural measures proposed in the regulation are successful, we European consumers will have the option of taking out a roaming contract with a different operator to the one providing us with mobile services in our own country, and we will be able to do this simply and keep our phone number. It is an essential contribution to the development of the digital single market."@en1

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