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"Mr President, the roaming regulation we are going to put to the vote tomorrow is unquestionably a great success, and Ms Niebler is not just a consummate professional; she also carries out her duties as a Member with elegance and courtesy. I will, however, take the liberty of saying frankly and very undiplomatically that I expected the European Commission to put forward a far bolder proposal. We – Parliament and the Commission – are, after all, both EU institutions and we should be working together to eliminate barriers in the European Union and fight for a single market, but instead not only did we have to conduct difficult negotiations with the Council – working with the Danish Presidency is a real pleasure – but we had to secure a very substantial reduction, of at least half, in the Commission’s proposals. So I hope that further proposals on digital policy will take greater account of rapidly changing technologies, the changing times and the rapidly changing needs of the citizens and of businesses, because – as the Commissioner said – there is still a lot more to be done in this area."@en1

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