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"More and more, the European Union is showing its true nature – that of capitalist integration which only seeks to benefit the big economic and financial groups, integration that satisfies their expansionist zeal to conquer new markets, to have easier access to cheap labour and resources, and to deregulate areas like public services so as to hand them over to private enterprise. Given the crisis that capitalism has caused through financial speculation, what solution does the EU have to offer its people? A solution that only an imperialist bloc could offer: more labour exploitation and the creation of mechanisms that transfer the wealth created by the workers to capitalist monopolies. These so-called austerity measures are nothing more than that: the direct transfer of wages, retirement pensions, social benefits and subsidies, and the huge profits that privatised public sectors and services can offer, directly into the hands of big business. The workers and the people want another future for Europe, and they have demonstrated this through massive social struggles."@en1

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