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"On 9 May, Europe Day is celebrated to commemorate the Schuman Declaration of 1950. This declaration laid the foundations of European economic integration, and this later became the basis of political integration. There is no doubt that it was a decisive moment, one which brought about closer peacetime cooperation. Europe today has been hit by an economic crisis, but the European Union is doing well in this very difficult examination. The community which has been built over the past 60 years is showing that it is not one which, in a crisis, selfishly guards only its own interests, and is keeping up its efforts to help other countries which are many times weaker. One fundamental lesson can be drawn from this, which may, for some, be a source of comfort, but which, for others, may also be a warning. The EU has reached a level of integration which makes the effects of uncertainty in one Member State perceptible in the others. Naturally, this is proof that integration has been successful – the objective was, after all, to achieve just such a European structure. It should, however, be remembered that in these conditions, we need to be extremely vigilant and careful. As things stand, we have been able to rescue the euro. By working together, we have been able to give financial assistance to the countries which have been hardest hit by the crisis. Today, the objective of each individual Member State and of all of us together is to protect the European economy. Our future depends on our making responsible decisions. We must work together now as never before. The most important objective for the European Union today is to overcome the crisis and build a common future."@en1

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